Planking is sweeping the nation, the world matter fact. People are even dying, smh.  If you don’t know what planking is basically finding any object and straightening yourself out like a plank at any random time. Now it might be fun because you’re doing it on random shit, lol. But you are not putting just your life in danger but you are making a mockery of all the slaves that were on those boats. Thats right! The jokeful action of planking has roots in slavery. If you look at the pictures of the ships used in the “Middle Passage” slaves used the planks as beds. The act of “planking” supposedly came from two guys travelling through Europe, but the act really started in slaves ships used in the “Middle Passage.” People need to be more aware of the things they do and stop doing things because others do it. That’s what is wrong with our society nowadays. Stay thirsty my friends.



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