A robot explorer recently discovered ancient markings at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The robotic device found the markings inside a secret chamber inaccessible to humans–and then proceeded to film the painted hieroglyphics and stone markings, which hadn’t been seen by human eyes in 4,500 years, via a small robotic camera that was fit through a tiny hole in a stone wall.It is too soon to tell what the markings mean, but experts are hoping they may shed some light on why the ancient Egyptians originally built the tunnels.  An article from CNN explains that the tunnel is “one of several mysterious passages leading from the larger king’s and queen’s chambers.”This wasn’t the first time a robot explored the passageways–but it was the first time a robot could focus on details on the walls. This breakthrough occurred thanks to a new kind of micro-camera that can be bent side-to-side instead of just focusing straight ahead. Meanwhile, other technologically enhanced discovery expeditions have turn up other fascinating new information about the pyramids in recent days. Archaeologists from the United States (with some help from the BBC) used satellite imagery to discover 17 pyramids beneath the sand and silt in Egypt. An article from Canada’s CBC, explains that 1,000 tombs and around 3,000 other buildings were also discovered thanks to the technology. The new discovery I feel will lead to some answers about the Egyptians, let’s hope that the information that is retrieved is not altered, lol. Because I think for some reason the markings that were just found will have a major impact on history.





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