I just don’t understand why people accept being fake these days? Im lying. I do understand why people accept being fake. Because the lack of having a mind of their own, wanting to fit in, low self-esteem and just being a dumbass. Look, you should not have to fake who you are for nobody. If you hang around bitches who just live to live off another man’s earnings and you go ahead and do the same thing, when you not you’re not like that, you’re DUMB and welcome to the world of fake, because that’s what you are going to be. I’ve seen women and men go down that fake road, and the results are tragic. They usually end up losing some of the best people in there life  because they chose to make that decision of being another person. Most of the time they feel like being fake is good because such and such have done good for themselves being that way, so why not me? That’s not the way to go about things, you have to be discipline and morals for yourself and just know better. Everybody doesn’t have common sense. I blame televison as well as dumb people, because they feed fakeness to people all day and the dummies they are, they listen and try to immitate what they see. Not knowing there is a cost to being fake. So be real, be original, do you. Real is always the way to go.


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