Anyone familiar with the behavior of a bunch of crabs trapped at the bottom of a bucket will know what happens when one of them tries to climb to the top. Instead of attempting the climb themselves, those left at the bottom of the bucket will do all in their collective power to drag the climber back down. And although crab behavior should not in any way be compared to human behavior, it can in many instances. I mean you’ve probably been the crab being dragged back down into the bucket. It happens alot not just in society, but amongst us black people. The difference between other races to me is the support. From whites, to hispanics, to asians, they have a deeper connection when it comes to support upon their race. As african americans, we already have it hard in this world, it’s been like that from the beginning, and it still is now. Support is why I feel why many of us don’t make it. When you see anybody strive for success and make it, don’t hate or try to put that person down. Congratulate them, and get on your shit. We seem to hate on people for making it, but fail to realize they were trying to do something about their situation, and they did. So why not try and do the same? We all have our stories and struggles, but not just us blacks, but as a society we have to support people that make it, and do the things we need to do to make it as well. Because in the long run, it will make the world better even if it feels like it won’t matter. “SUPPORT”

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