Ok, so the government finally came to some type of agreement, which will keep them from shutting down. It’s sad that it even had to get to that point, especially over something that was supposed to be taken care of a long time ago. Abortion? I mean come on if you can settle an agreement on that, then what the hell can you agree on. The government is so fucked up. They base all their decisions on race for one, and if you think they don’t, you’re a damn fool. They may not say “well we don’t think this is a good deal because they are poor and black. or poor and hispanic, but that’s what they are thinking in their head. We supposed to be the best country, and we are in debt, and almost about to shut down.  We as the people need to do more as a whole to get results, because if we leave it up to the government, all they will do is lie and do some bullshit. So let’s be more conscious people.


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