As people, we all go through struggles in our lives. The ups and downs, the uncertainty of what is to come in our lives. That is when we must have faith. Faith in the Lord and ourselves. Faith that whatever we are going through, we will make it out on top.  Athletes as well go through these things. The ups and downs of the season, injuries, not knowing what is to become of their future. Having faith and determination can decide whether a person will be great or not. That’s where I would like to introduce you to Lanny Smith and Active Faith Sports.

Active Faith Sports is a Christian athletic apparel brand started by Lanny Smith and Mike Rosas. They offer premium clothing and athletic apparel for the active Christian. Their mission is to use the platform that athletics provides to represent and spread the love and message of God. The clothing is very fashionable and it sends a great message to people who love the Lord. That with him, anything is possible.


Lanny has played sports all of his life as well as being a devoted christian. He played basketball for the University of Houston where he was team captain for 3 years and became one of only 3 guards in the history of the school to score over 1,000 points and dish over 400 assists. He continued to pursue his Lanny pursued his dream of playing in the NBA. He played in the NBA development league for 2 years and signed with the Sacramento Kings through the preseason in 2009. Shortly after, Lanny suffered a season ending knee injury that kept him from reaching that NBA dream. While recovering from surgery, Lanny felt like God was calling him to do something special that would bring glory to God’s name. This is how the Active Faith idea was born.

Lanny now has players like Orlando Magic guard Quentin Richardson, Sacramento Kings Donte Greene, Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Tolliver,  Los Angeles Clippers guard Randy Foye and the latest sensation Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks rocking the wristbands.

So I deeply recommend that you check out Active Faith Sports, because you won’t be sorry. Go to for information.


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