Anthony Robles was born without a right leg and a hip bone, and still to this day, nothing has stopped him from being the best he can possibly be.  The senior at Arizona State University went 36-0 and finished off with winning the NCAA wrestling title against Division I reigning champion Matt McDonough. His upper body is larger than most in his weight class (125 pounds) and since he can’t stand, his opponents are forced to stay low to the mat. Anthony is a true competitor and a great example that anything is possible and that nothing can stop you, no matter what you do. He says he plans to be a motivational speaker and I think he would be great inspiration to others.


Everybody loves money. But sometimes we blow it so fast because of bad habits or we feel like we deserve to blow it. I understand that, hell I admit I wasn’t responsible at all when it came to money. But I learned it takes discipline to be financially responsible. Like realizing we really don’t need what we want. Most of the time what we want will still be there, that’s where it takes discipline. Hell, some people may not have had any money for a long time, and then when they get it they blow it as soon as they get it because the feel like they deserve to blow it. But when you blow it, you’ll be back to square one. BROKE. So it’s a certain sense of knowing whats the right thing to do. Here’s 25 reasons ways people waste money. Click below.


We all know that they are millions of people out there in the world trying to be heard and seen. Well on, you can get the real on the everyday grind in the hoop world as well as get tips from some of the best. To see and hear what these people go through and just to get the inside scoop on what they do to stay on top of their games is amazing and intriguing. So check it out at