Ok, this shit is funny to me because I see nothing but hate from Ciara. Who got dropped from her label not to long ago, and now is trying to keep her name relevant. Ciara was on the Joan Rivers show, and they were talking about fashion and etc., and Rihanna became part of the conversation. She said that Rihanna wasn’t the nicest on Joan Rivers fashion show. So Ciara and Rihanna said some shit on twitter, Rihanna telling Ciara “you gangsta huh? haa” and “Good luck booking that stage u speak of”. Ciara replys “Trust me Rihanna you don’t want to see me on or off the stage.” First off, both of them can’t sing worth shit, so I wouldn’t want to see them on stage at the same time anyway. Plus, yaw can’t fight. Rihanna you see what happened to you, and Ciara you aint gangsta like Rihanna said. The funniest shit I heard was somebody saying Ciara needs to join the illuminati if she wants to see that next level success. LMAO. But they said they squashed it, but whateva they beefing, so i’m goin to sit back and watch whatever happens. Watch the video below to see the Ciara interiew.



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