Finally Dr. Dre is moving forward with DETOX. The album he’s been working on for ten years and supposedly his last. The video is basically eminem telling Dre his deepest feelings about him  and how they intend on getting married. Man, I get it ok. Eminem and The Game love Dr. Dre to death, almost to the point of being a homo. I’m tired of hearing that shit. I mean ten years you’ve been working on this shit to make it the best album of all time, and the first two singles are mediocre at best. Kush and now this. I already guessed it would turn out this way anyway. Have everybody waiting for some shit that is not going to be classic in my eyes. I know the game. SMH. But the video was deeper than that, it was basically talking about how people talked shit about him over the years and what he’s been through. Losing his son, beefing with Eazy-E, and some other shit. I feel him on that, but it should not be a single. Check out the video.



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