Ok, this is funny, but not really, but it is.  Coach John O’Connor from Holy Family (Philadelphia), struck his player during a practice in July.  The school has suspended him, but the coach and the player reunited on Good Morning America and the coach apologized.  He said it was an accident and he was trying to make the team better.  That shit had me dying laughing.  So you pushing your player, busting him in the nose, and kicking him in the ass while he’s on the floor is making your team better?  I think he needs to be a wrestling coach instead of basketball.  Come on coach, you were waiting for the moment to do that shit to him.  You lucky you wasn’t at a black schook in the hood, because you would have never forgot that day. EVER! But the kid should sue and the get the money while he can because that’s just unacceptable.  Check out the video.


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