Limitless is a must see movie for 2011. It stars Bradley Cooper, which we all know from “The Hangover” and the great Robert De Niro. It’s about an unsuccessful writer whose life is transformed by a top secret drug, that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself. Its a thriller, and people will love this shit. It’s in theatres March 18. Check out the trailer below.



What a damn game. The Knicks beat the Heat 91-86 in Miami. Melo dropped 29 while and Amare Stoudamire and Chauncey Billups both put up 16. Honestly the Heat should have drove the Knicks in the ground. You can tell the Knicks don’t have any chemistry yet, but they are working on it. They also don’t have the roster to match up with the Miami. But they did play tougher than Miami, who still can’t finish games off the right way. Pat Riley was looking like he was ready to get rid of some boys (Chalmers). Spoelstra has to do a better job of coaching. Why give Lebron the ball at the end of the game? He still isn’t clutch. D-Wade is the man for that situation. Lebron dropped 27, while Bosh had 20pts and 10reb, he faded at the end. Dwayne put in a mere 12. Miami keeps fucking around like this if they want. They might have an early offseason.


Finally Dr. Dre is moving forward with DETOX. The album he’s been working on for ten years and supposedly his last. The video is basically eminem telling Dre his deepest feelings about him  and how they intend on getting married. Man, I get it ok. Eminem and The Game love Dr. Dre to death, almost to the point of being a homo. I’m tired of hearing that shit. I mean ten years you’ve been working on this shit to make it the best album of all time, and the first two singles are mediocre at best. Kush and now this. I already guessed it would turn out this way anyway. Have everybody waiting for some shit that is not going to be classic in my eyes. I know the game. SMH. But the video was deeper than that, it was basically talking about how people talked shit about him over the years and what he’s been through. Losing his son, beefing with Eazy-E, and some other shit. I feel him on that, but it should not be a single. Check out the video.


Ok, this shit is funny to me because I see nothing but hate from Ciara. Who got dropped from her label not to long ago, and now is trying to keep her name relevant. Ciara was on the Joan Rivers show, and they were talking about fashion and etc., and Rihanna became part of the conversation. She said that Rihanna wasn’t the nicest on Joan Rivers fashion show. So Ciara and Rihanna said some shit on twitter, Rihanna telling Ciara “you gangsta huh? haa” and “Good luck booking that stage u speak of”. Ciara replys “Trust me Rihanna you don’t want to see me on or off the stage.” First off, both of them can’t sing worth shit, so I wouldn’t want to see them on stage at the same time anyway. Plus, yaw can’t fight. Rihanna you see what happened to you, and Ciara you aint gangsta like Rihanna said. The funniest shit I heard was somebody saying Ciara needs to join the illuminati if she wants to see that next level success. LMAO. But they said they squashed it, but whateva they beefing, so i’m goin to sit back and watch whatever happens. Watch the video below to see the Ciara interiew.


Now we all know that’s all bullshit. It’s more than 25%, it’s more like 100%.  Look, there are women out there who think that a man with money isn’t everything. But lets be real, 25% is a make up number, it’s higher than that. For example, Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, her ex-husband Eric Williams is ugly than a bitch. But that money made him look like muthafucking Blair Underwood to her. Money is a motherfucker, you have to understand. The ugliest man can be made into a model with that money. Women don’t care, sad to say. I know a couple of em. SMH. But that’s how it is these days. So if you ugly and got bread, no worries, there is someone out there who thinks you’re prettiest thing ever. SMH.


Kanye’s new video “All of the lights” is bad for your health according to a U.K. based charity group. They told Youtube and other video channels people were having seizures and shit. Who would ever think that could happen? I think about all the videos that have been made and it just has to be Kanye’s video that gives you a seizure. It should, because his videos are the fucking shit. But it seems that people with photosensitive epilepsy were the ones getting seizures. They later put a message in the video giving a warning that if you have photosensitive epilepsy, the video would trigger a seizure.  So check out the video for yourself and see what happens.