“Compton”- A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre


Dr. Dre dropped probably one of the best albums of 2015 if you ask me. The new album “Compton” is great in all facets. Beats, lyrics, and features. This is album shows Dre hasn’t lost a step. 16 tracks of pure westside, which has features from Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, BJ the Chicago Kid, Xzibit and more. This album is a definitely a just grab. So go download on it iTunes now.

L.I. Mars- “Goin In” @iamLI_Mars


Limar Wilson aka L.I. Mars is the epitome of things fresh.  Hailing from Orlando/Altamonte Springs, Fl, this artist was destined for the spotlight.  Once a professional basketball player, he continued to impress the naysayers by living the impossible.  From the courts to the stage, the ball stopped bouncing, but the people didn’t. It was obvious no one saw this career change coming.  L.I. Mars music is more than the ordinary, it’s inspirational, real music that people can relate to with real life experiences.

“Started just rapping recording shit on my Apple phone. Now i’m telling my story and rapping on this microphone.”

L.I. Mars- Living the Impossible with Motivation and Reasons

Download the ep below.

L.I. Mars- Goin In EP “>L.I. Mars- Goin In

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‎Today is a new day. It’s a day you have never seen before and will never see again. Stop telling yourself the same crap, different day lie. How many days has that lie stolen from you? Seize the wonder and uniqueness of today. Recognize that throughout this beautiful day, you have an incredible amount of opportunities to move your life into the direction you want it to go. New day, new ways.